Mission Statement:

CN Guidance & Counseling Services, a nonprofit organization, inspires and catalyzes recovery for people living with mental health and substance use conditions through innovative and person-centered integrated clinical treatment, counseling, housing and support services—empowering those served to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

CN (Central Nassau) Guidance & Counseling Services has grown substantially since its inception. Our evolution has been shaped largely by the emerging needs of consumers as they move through the process of recovery.

2018 Annual Report:

CNGCS_2018 Annual Report

Some Brief Highlights Of Our History

1972 – CN Guidance opens as a single outpatient mental health clinic.

1972 – The Pretty New Thrift Shop begins operations.

1973 – Outpatient substance use disorder treatment program added.

1989 – First housing developed.

1992 – Barbara Bartell, LCSW, named as Chief Executive Officer.

1992 – Permanent supported housing for clients begins.

1992 – Apartment Treatment program offered as a transitional housing model.

1993 – CN Guidance takes over Connections Clubhouse from a group of family members associated with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

1995 – The Continuing Day Treatment Program, The Haven, opens to serve consumers as they work through a range of both mental health and substance use disorder issues.

1997 – Started HUD Shelter Plus Care program to serve formerly homeless, mentally ill individuals.

2001 – Five adjacent townhouses purchased, launching a new model for consumers who no longer need the intensive supports of a community residence but still aren’t ready for regular supported housing.

2001 – The Starry Night Café, an outgrowth of the Connections Clubhouse, begins operation as a consumer-run business catering to individuals with disabilities.

2003 – 15-bed MICA Recovery Residential Program (MRP), located on the grounds of Pilgrim State Hospital, opens to provide specialized services for mentally ill clients facing particularly difficult substance use problems.

2003 – Blended Case Management program is launched to provide care coordination and community-based support services.

2003 – CN Guidance takes over a specialized mental health service program for the deaf and hearing impaired from Nassau County.

2006 – The Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team, a mobile, multi-disciplinary mental health treatment team, is launched.

2007 – The Congregate Treatment program better serves Suffolk County residents with the opening of the Ronkonkoma residence.

2010 – Pathways to Recovery opens on the grounds of Pilgrim State Hospital.

2010 – Roads to Recovery opens in Hicksville after the merging of Connection Clubhouse and The Haven. Pathways to Recovery and Roads to Recovery together embody the CN Guidance “Personalized Recovery-Oriented Services” – PROS – program.

2012 – The CN Guidance Addiction Recovery Treatment (ARTS) Program, a NYS OASAS licensed clinic, provides more than 8,000 units of outpatient addiction recovery service to 731 clients.

2012 – ACT Team provides 4,802 units of service to 83 individuals, achieving a 50% reduction in avoidable emergency room visits.

2012 – CN Guidance responds to Hurricane Sandy swiftly, with its FEMA and NYSOMH-supported Project Hope, serving hundreds of residents in Hicksville, Wantagh, Bethpage, Valley Stream, and Bellmore (through currently).

2013 – Jeffrey Friedman joins CN Guidance team as CEO.

2013 – CN Guidance gains government funding to provide integrated healthcare (behavioral/medical) to local individuals age 55 and over for a 3-year project.

2014 – CN Guidance shifts toward holistic, whole-person-centered care, with deeper integration of mental and physical health services. Program additions/expansions include Mobile Residential Supports, Health Home Care Management, Project FORWARD (relationship and communication skills), Crisis Bed (short-term respite) program, Link-Age (serving older people and their caregivers), and other new and reinforced programs for people facing mental illness and/or chemical dependency. By 2016, CN Guidance was serving more than 4,600 people annually across two counties.  Click here to see more details in our online press releases for this period.

2015 – Project FORWARD (Facing Obstacles in Relationships and Work with ActionResourcesDirection) launches to provide adults and adolescents who live with mental health and/or substance-use-related disorders with coaching, skill-building, and other support in building healthy relationships with partners, family members, and local employers.

2016 – CN Guidance & Counseling Services opens a new 21,000-square foot facility in Plainview, Nassau County, expanding the nonprofit’s and region’s capacity to serve individuals facing substance use and mental health disorders, during an era of escalating demand and high need.

2017 – CN Guidance & Counseling Services is designated as the only Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) on Long Island – and one of only 13 in NY State & 67 in the US – enabling it to provide comprehensive, integrated behavioral and medical healthcare under one roof.  CN Guidance adds new employees and facility space over the next two years—to deliver a wide range of immediate screening, diagnosis, and linkage to treatment for mental health, addictions, and chronic health conditions.

2018 – To meet unprecedented demand due in part to the opioid crisis, the agency serves almost 7,000 clients by the end of the year – more than tripling the number (2,209) from 2013.

2019 – CN Guidance & Counseling Services launches innovative programs to expand access to care by delivering services beyond its four walls.  This includes the Centers for Treatment Innovation (COTI) program – which provides substance use disorder treatment across Nassau County via a mobile recovery unit with tele-psychiatry capabilities.