Home and Community Based Services are now available to individuals with a diagnosis of mental health disorder and/or substance use disorder to help facilitate more independence in the community. These services are individualized and can be in addition to the current treatment services you are already receiving.

How do I qualify for Home and Community Based Services?

  • You need to have a diagnosis of mental health disorder and/or substance use disorder.
  • You need to have a Medicaid  Managed Care Plan.
  • You need to be eligible for and participate in a Health and Recovery Plan (HARP).


This service assists individuals with developing skills necessary for community living and to continue the process of recovery from behavioral health disorders.

Family Support and Training

This service provides emotional and informational support to enhance the skills of a family to best support the recovery of an individual with a behavioral health disorder.  This service is used to facilitate engagement and active participation of the family in the treatment planning process and is provided only at the request of the individual.

Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment

Designed to provide mobile treatment and rehabilitation services to individuals who have difficulty engaging in on-site based programs. Assists the individual with independent living skills to promote recovery and growth specific  to managing their own home.

Empowerment Services/ Peer Support

Peer-delivered services that are designed to promote skills to cope with and manage behavioral health symptoms. Activities provided emphasize peers’ relationships to support recovery, enhance quality of life and effectively utilize community resources.

Education Support Services

Provided to assist individuals with a behavioral health diagnosis who want to start or return to school or formal training with a goal to achieve skills necessary to obtain employment.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)

This service is designed to assist with managing interpersonal and environmental barriers associated with behavioral health conditions. The goal is to restore the individual’s functional level to the fullest possible for integration as an active member of the community.

Individual Employment Support Services

Pre-Vocational Services
Assists individuals to manage symptoms that may impact their ability to sustain employment. Provides reminders of effective work-place practices and skills to establish positive workplace relationships.

Transitional Employment
On-site job training, developing natural supports, finding an identity as a worker, accepting responsibility for decisions, looking at transferability of skills.

Intensive Supported Employment (ISE)
Rapid job search, acquisition of skills to retain employment, training and instruction, support for job application process.

Ongoing Supported Employment
Provide support in various settings, identify reasonable accommodations, assist with keeping paid work, linkage to additional services as needed.

For more information and referrals contact:
Jessica Schulz, MHC
Intake Coordinator/Education Support, HCBS
Phone: 516-822-6111 x 2287
Email: HCBSWaiver@centralnassau.org

If you don’t have a health home care coordinator, contact:
Gabriella Bonventre, Outreach Supervisor
Phone: (516) 495-8033

For HARP and Medicaid  Managed Care Information:
Medicaid Choice (Maximus) (855) 789-4277