Northport/ East Northport Drug and Alcohol Task Force

As a recipient of federal funding from the CDC Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Support Program, CN Guidance & Counseling Services has partnered with The Northport-East Northport Community Drug and Alcohol Task Force (DATF) to provide the fiscal oversight necessary to aid the DATF in strengthening community-wide collaboration to prevent and reduce substance use among youth in that community. 

The partnership allows for the DATF to carry out its mission by using a comprehensive approach to engage and educate children, parents and community members.

Objectives include:

  • Inform the public about alcohol and other drug related-issues
  • Promote alternative activities for youth in order to reduce risk factors
  • Provide information and referral to community resources
  • Identify needs and find ways to meet those needs and coordinate appropriate services

About DATF

The DATF includes 1Life, a Youth Coalition, a group of Northport High School students, dedicated to making the Northport/East Northport community a healthier, happier place by raising awareness about drug/alcohol use and mental health. 

Activities and events provided by the DATF throughout the year include, but are not limited to:

  • Medication collections in partnership with local libraries and the police to reduce risk and provide protection to the environment.
  • An annual Color Run which marks the beginning of Recovery, Awareness and Prevention (RAP) week, a local school district-wide campaign. The Color Run participants come together to run or walk a short course while they’re doused in color.
  • Narcan trainings to the DATF community.
  • Mental Health First Aid training to the DATF community.
  • A Pre-Prom Parent/Student Education at the Northport High School.
  • Northport High School Wellness Week.
  • Environmental Scans with 1Life (Beach Clean ups).
  • Active Parenting program – an evidence-based parent education program that provides the skills needed to use effective discipline, teach youth responsibility, and communicate with their children.


Linda Oristano, Program Coordinator

Tel:  516-361-6540