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Love Notes 3.0

Love Notes 3.0

For Single Teens/Young People and Adults

ages 14 (high school age) - 40
Project Forward Love Notes

Love Notes 3.0

Created by The Dibble Institute and Written by Marline E. Pearson

Love Notes is a comprehensive healthy relationship education workshop that teaches young people how to build healthy relationships as well as how to prevent dating violence and avoid unprotected sex.

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Key Topics Include:

Knowing Yourself – personality style, baggage, expectations, and mapping your future

Forming and Maintaining Healthy Relationships – knowledge, skills, and smart steps

Framework for Assessing Relationships – how to make decisions

Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships & Responding to Dangerous Ones – intimate partner  violence, teen dating violence, cyberbullying, sexual assault, and ways drugs and alcohol affect  relationships

Effective Communication & Conflict Management Skills – communication skills and styles, understanding your brain when you become upset, how to communicate your needs, and social media’s impact on communication

Intimacy, Sexual Values, Pacing Relationships, Consent, and Safe Sex – using a comprehensive sex education and harm reduction model

Success Sequencing – how the order of school/work, commitment, and children impacts your future

Impact of Technology – on romantic relationships, family relationships, sexting, and online pornography

Workshops are 16 hours, with a variety of session formats to meet the needs of community locations, schools, and colleges.


Join us to learn healthy communication, employment, and skills!