New York Community Bank Foundation Grants $10,000 to Assist Struggling Local Survivors of Hurricane Sandy

Central Nassau Guidance and Counseling Services Receives Grant to Deliver Needed Ongoing Services

Hicksville, NY (April 15, 2014) –   In support of hundreds of survivors of Hurricane Sandy who still struggle almost a year-and-a-half after the superstorm upended many Long Island communities, the New York Community Bank Foundation announced in March a dedicated contribution of $10,000 to Central Nassau Guidance and Counseling Services—one of the area’s leaders in providing disaster-related relief, especially mental and emotional health services and substance abuse treatment.

Dr. Marian Conway

Executive Director of the NYCB Foundation

 “As the months have passed, it has become more apparent that the victims of Superstorm Sandy are hurting in ways we cannot necessarily see. Mental health issues are not fixed in a defined period of time; NYCB Foundation is proud to be able to assist Central Nassau as they continue counseling services for those still suffering.” said Dr. Marian Conway, Executive Director of the NYCB Foundation, who presented the funding to CN Guidance.

In spring 2014, a substantial number of residents of Nassau and Suffolk County find themselves still struggling to return to any sense of normalcy after the storm hit two autumns ago.  These individuals and families still face housing displacement (including some homelessness), disrupted transportation, financial instability, red tape/regulatory barriers—and physical and emotional distress. The prolonged emotional state of survival (“fight or flight”) sparked by the storm and its impact still inhibits many survivors from reaching out and benefiting from needed emotional support and from available resources that will propel them to a full recovery.

Central Nassau Guidance and Counseling Services (CN Guidance), the region’s 42-year-established nonprofit leader in delivering state-licensed mental health and substance abuse-related treatment services, recently received major support from several philanthropic organizations. The recent infusions of support, including this substantial contribution from NYCB, will enable CN Guidance to connect with local residents who have not yet recovered from the effects of Superstorm Sandy and to provide (or coordinate) all services needed, including individual case work, family recovery planning, and counseling. The dedicated funding will help serve 250-300 local survivors in devising and fulfilling a personalized Plan of Action, troubleshooting obstacles, and receiving whatever support these individuals (or families) need.

Jeffrey Friedman

CEO of Central Nassau Guidance and Counseling Services

Jeffrey Friedman, CEO of Central Nassau Guidance and Counseling Services, shared his appreciation, “The bottom line is: this extremely supportive contribution from the NYCB Foundation will enable our team to provide high quality recovery services to long-suffering victims of Superstorm Sandy who have not yet accessed the appropriate help.  We express our great thanks to the NYCB Foundation for enabling us to support individuals in need long after many have forgotten about the harshness of the storm’s effects.”

 About Central Nassau Guidance and Counseling Services, Inc.

CN Guidance & Counseling is one of the region’s leading mental health, behavioral, and addiction-related service providers. The agency has served residents in both counties of the Long Island community since its inception in 1972, and in recent years has been a leader in providing outreach, support, and counseling to community members during tragic and traumatic events, including 9/11 and the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.