Jail Diversion Programs
(Mental Health Court & Treatment Alternative to Prison Program)

CN Guidance & Counseling Services, through funding from the Nassau County Department of Human Services, Office of Mental Health, Chemical Dependency and Developmental Disabilities, provides support services to two of the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office five  Office of Alternative Prosecutions and Resources Programs (OAP).

These alternative-to-incarceration courts adjudicates over both misdemeanor and felony cases. The goal of these two problem-solving courts is to:

  • Decriminalize mental illness
  • Improve the quality of life for those with mental illness
  • Improve coordination and communication between the mental health and criminal justice systems
  • Reduce recidivism through early intervention & treatment
  • Reduce length of time incarcerated and frequency of arrests for offenders with mental illness
  • Reduce the overall expense and labor associated with incarcerating offenders with mental illness
  • Provide courts with the means of assessing, identifying, and monitoring those with mental illness from among the general population
  • Improve public safety

Treatment Alternative Plea Program (TAPP)

CN Guidance provides licensed clinicians to help assess and identify offenders with a mental illness who are charged with a crime in Nassau County. 

These assessments are critical in identifying mental health and substance use disorders so that the District Attorney’s office can recommend the most appropriate level of care. TAPP considers all defendants who have treatment or intervention needs who are not eligible for an existing diversion program.

Mental Health Court (MHC) Supports

CN Guidance provides seasoned Care Coordinators who are the main source of support and advocacy for offenders with mental illness. Our Coordinators provide traditional case management to address the social determinants of health of individuals as well as connect them to mental health treatment. Judicial monitoring is provided to assure that the court-mandated treatment plan is followed by each enrolled client as an alternative to incarceration.


Kayla Miata, LMSW
Program Director

Email:  kreilly@CentralNassau.org
Office:  516-495-8003