Residential Services Gratefully Acknowledges the Generous Support of The Michael & Helen Schaffer Foundation

CN Guidance provides specialized mental health residential services to people, age 18 and over, in locations throughout Nassau and Suffolk County.

The goal of our residential programs is to provide a safe and supportive environment allowing our residents to grow and achieve their fullest potentials. Our programs receive funding from The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH). We receive ongoing support from the Nassau County Department of Mental Health and the Suffolk County Division of Community Mental Hygiene Services.

“Had it not been for this program, I don’t think I would even be alive.” – CN Guidance client

Residential Services offers 24-hour supervised, transitional and permanent housing opportunities in Nassau and Suffolk Counties for at-risk single adults and families impacted by mental health and/or substance use disorders. Our Crisis Respite program offers a short-term stay in a 24-hour staffed setting to those in immediate need from their current housing situation. Our Mobile Residential Support Team provides supplemental services to current residents who are at high risk for relapse, hospitalization or homelessness.

Licensed Housing

We operate 5 congregate treatment community residences that offer 24-hour on-site staff supervision and supportive services. For Nassau clients, there are two located in Hicksville and two in Brentwood.  We have one community residence in Ronkonkoma for Suffolk clients.

CN Guidance also offers an Apartment Treatment Program (ATP), in Nassau County. Clients live independently with one or two roommates with staff  providing daily visits, as well as 24-hour on-call support as needed.

Both levels of licensed housing operate with the goal of working in partnership with residents to gain the skills needed to manage their psychiatric symptoms, maintain their sobriety and perform the daily activities needed to live in a more independent setting.

We also offer crisis/respite opportunities for 3 clients. This program is housed in one of our Hicksville Community residences. For more details see below.

Crisis Respite Program

This is a short-term residential setting with special supports for adults experiencing a mental health crisis.  Here, we provide 24-hour supervision in a warm safe environment to individuals who do not need hospitalization.  Residents may stay from 1 to 30 days.

The team includes a Clinical Supervisor, Nurse, Peer/Direct Care Counselors, and others.  During a stay a person is more likely to gain: confidence, skills, strengths, stability, and ability to safely work through anger and sadness.

This program is available regardless of ability to pay.  Eligibility includes: 18 years or older, living in stable housing, living in Nassau County, diagnosed with mental illness, currently experiencing a psychiatric crisis that does not require hospitalization.  For more details call us 516-822-6111 and ask for Victoria Miller – Admissions Manager. Click here to view our  Crisis Respite Program brochure.

Permanent Housing

CN Guidance provides permanent Supportive Housing, funded through OMH, since 1992. This program serves over 195 Nassau and Suffolk County residents, age 18 and over, who have psychiatric disabilities. Residents in our permanent housing pay 30% of their income towards rent and utilities.

Our Enriched Supportive Housing Program in Valley Stream is staffed between the hours of 8:00 am – 8:00 pm and offers 24-hour on-call supports as needed.


Referrals to our housing programs are made through the Long Island Single Point of Access. Applications can be found on line at: Indicate that you would like to be considered for Central Nassau Guidance and Counseling Services.

The Single Point of Access may be reached at (631) 231-3562.

Mobile Residential Support Teams (MRST)

CN Guidance ‘s Mobile Residential Support Team provides intensive support resources to people who live in Nassau County Supported Housing.  The Goal of the MRS Team is to help individuals living in supported housing to avoid hospitalization, assist them in maintaining their house, and to live an independent lifestyle.  Services offered include:  medication management, crisis intervention, symptom management, relapse prevention, health wellness service coordination & education, daily living skills training, linkage to community resources, evidence based practices, and peer specialist support.

For additional information, please contact us at:

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