In 24-Hour “CreateAThon,” Marketing Agency Donates Expertise


In 24-Hour “CreateAThon,” Marketing Agency Donates Expertise to Help Raise Awareness about Services For Mental Illness

 Hicksville, NY (November 6, 2014) – As 16% of all Long Island residents were struggling with mental health disorders ranging from anxiety to severe depression, a team of more than 14 advertising and marketing professionals—from graphic designers and copy writers, to social media and creative specialists—joined together, working intensively from Thursday, October 16th through Friday, October 17th to invent a multi-media awareness-building campaign for CN Guidance and Counseling Services, the region’s leading nonprofit offering comprehensive programs for individuals and families facing the effects of mental illness.

The core of the new awareness-building campaign—delivered by EGC Group in Melville—features a brochure, posters, a video, and web site updates that use simple but potent smiley-face imagery and captions to capture people’s attention, reminding family members that the signs of mental illness are not always easy to read, and urging people to “start the conversation” by connecting with CN Guidance.  The matter of awareness building in this area has even higher than ordinary salience in a year that left millions feeling numb or blindsided after the sudden suicide death of Robin Williams, among others.

The explosion of give-back-to-the-community creative efforts occurred as part of EGC Group’s seventh annual “CreateAThon”.

“The generosity of EGC Group, in terms of their labor, their talent, their skills, and their spirited support for our mission, is just unprecedented,” said Jeffrey Friedman, CEO of CN Guidance and Counseling. “There is simply no way that we would ever be able to do—or be able to pay for—what these dedicated professionals did for our agency and for our clients. The fact that they could provide so much high quality, high-impact work in such a short time frame, too, is nothing less than a marvel to experience.  We are overflowing with thanks.”

Nicole Larrauri, Managing Partner of EGC Group, shared: “Working with CN Guidance and Counseling was an inspiring and fulfilling experience. We were proud to create work that captured their profound mission and felt fortunate to get to know them. They are truly an invaluable resource for so many.”

About CN Guidance and Counseling Services

CN Guidance & Counseling Services has supported residents struggling with mental health and addiction issues in both counties of the Long Island community since its inception more than 40 years ago.  Established in 1972, the mission of CN Guidance, a nonprofit organization, is to provide clinical treatment, housing opportunities, social and support services, counseling, and guidance to individuals, families and the community affected by mental illness, developmental disabilities, psychological difficulties, addiction and/or dependency problems.